Engineering & Applications

Consulting Firm RFP supports the end-users for the construction of ion exchange, adsorbent and chromatographic resins plants for food, potable water and wastewater treatments. For the new applications we follow the customer from the preliminary test to the realization of industrial resin plant.


GRAPE JUICE - WINE - Decationization / acidification - Deionization / demineralization - Decolourization / polyphenols removal - Oenocyanin powder and tannins production - Heavy metal removal.

Proanthocyanidins from seeds purification - Natural tartaric acid purification.

Oenological Application    ITA - ENG - ES


CITRUS JUICE - SKIN DERIVATES - Debittering / limonin and naringin removal - Decolourization / flavonoids and anthocyanins removal - Anthocyanin powder and flavonoids production - Deacidification.

Pectins from citrus skin purificaton.

FRUIT JUICES - APPLE, DATES, POMEGRANATE, PINEAPPLE - Deionization / demineralization - Decolourization / polyphenols removal - Deacidification.

SUGAR FROM CANE, CORN AND BEET - SUCROSE - Decalcification - Decolourization - Demineralization - Sugar inversion / sucrose to glucose and fructose Chromatography / fructose 95% production Chromatography - demineralization / ion exclusion.

NATURAL EXTRACTS - Polyphenols separation and purification - Natural pigments separation and purification -  Active principle separation and purification - Vegetal proteins separation and purification - Polyphenols powder production Cromatography / organic molecules separation and purification - Pesticides removal from natural extract.

WATER TREATMENT - Softening - Decarbonation - Demineralization - Ultra pure water production - Heavy metal removal from potable and wastewater - Boron removal from potable and wastewater - Arsenic removal from potable water.

NEW PROCESSES - Raw malt 18% alcohol purification -  purification and cristallization boron as boric acid from wastewater - Anthocyanins, tannins, flavonoids and polyphenols powder production without alcohol usage -  Carotenes from palm oil purification - Softening / decationization of arabic gum.

OUR SERVICES Basic Engineering:

  • General description of resin plant format Word and PDF
  • Plant calculation with production and regeneration operating phases format Excel and PDF
  • Constructive drawing of the columns format CAD and PDF
  • P&ID process and instruments format CAD e PDF
  • Operating sequences for PLC format Excel
  • Accessories and instruments list format Word
  • 3D drawing format PDF3D
  • Technical assistance during erection and start up